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What You Get

You get the convenience of having a professional designer build an amazing and stunning website of up to 5 pages for your business for a LOT less hassle and time than it would take you to figure out how to build a mediocre so-so website on your own.

How can we do this?  We use our recommended web host’s website building software to build your website.  This SAVES YOU MONEY and gives you the best of both worlds – a professionally designed website at a do-it-yourself price!

A One Time Fee of $99

The only fee we charge is $99 for the building of your website.  If you choose to have us maintain your website after your site is built we will be glad to do so for a small monthly fee but it is not required.

A web hosting account is required to have a website on the internet.  We are not a web host.  The cost of the web host we require our clients to use is $14.95/month.  It has the best website builder available which is one of the reasons we like it so much.  The web host is a separate company so the fee you pay for your web hosting goes to it, not Wally Websites.

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